The 2016 TRP National Reuse Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Reuse Contest!

Art and Furniture

Art and Furniture - First Place
Tinker's New Home, Kerry Gantt

In June, while walking the dogs in the neighborhood, my wife and I found a bird—a little green and yellow parakeet that was on his own.  We caught him, took him home and tried to find his family.  Then we tried to find him a home.  Then, gradually, we realized he was going to stay.  I have never wanted a bird; the idea of captive birds makes me sad.  But he wouldn’t survive long out in the worl

Art and Furniture - Second Place
A Pressing Engagement, Christopher Cornett

This bar cart was constructed from an 1800’s veneer press, used by piano makers to create the beautiful veneered wood panels they used (such as curly maple, quarter sawn oak, brazillian cherry.) The beauty of the piece was evident, so we chose to not alter the piece itself, but simply add functional items to serve its new purpose.  It was salvaged in WNY July 2015 and completed in 2016. 

Art and Furniture - Third Place
Kitchen Prep Table, Terence Chang

I am very proud of this functional and decorative kitchen prep table. The project began with our plan to move to an apartment with a small kitchen and limited counter space. Looking for a project and noticing the pricey-ness of store-bought tables, I decided to make my own. I designed the piece to fit snugly next to the fridge in the tiny kitchen.

Remodeling and Construction

Remodeling and Construction - First Place
Pond, Nestor Topchy

The following photos illustrate the process working with nature where my very wet yard which flooded and dried-up cyclically was stabilized as ecosystem by deepening  and lining the banks of the wet spot with broken concrete from Reuse Houston  to create a self regulating ecosystem year round retaining  runoff rainwater to create a home for indigenous wild life species of every variety  .

Remodeling and Construction - Second Place
Bed and Bath Remodel, Alice Abler

Our house has survived several design-challenged owners over the decades, evolving into a sad hodge-podge of replacement doors, windows and fixtures. We’ve been fixing it gradually, using vintage and salvaged materials when possible. Now it was time for a bedroom remodel, adding a bathroom through a new doorway where a window once was.

Remodeling and Construction - Third Place
Kitchen Island, Mark Dooley

Kitchen island project and kitchen remodel project started in July 2016 on our cabin in the mountains.  I have attached two before photos showing the original condition of the kitchen which was built in 1992.  The pantry area was a non load bearing wall that separated the living space from the kitchen area.  The desire was to be able to cook and interact with people in the living space. 

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