The 2015 TRP National Reuse Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Reuse Contest!

Art and Furniture

Art and Furniture - First Place
Office desk, John Harris

So......, I had a remodel job to take out a office door and put a double office door with a transit window above. Sounds simple enough, except when it involves plumbing, electrical, wood flooring, sheet rock, lathe and plaster, wainscoting, and other trim, and let’s not forget the demolition.


Art and Furniture - Second Place
Handmade Flag, Aaron Foster

Aaron Foster

Handmade Flag   

Art and Furniture - Third Place
Good Tillage, Wayne Chaudiere



Good Tillage; ...from farm to table.

Remodeling and Construction

Remodeling and Construction - First Place
Emergency Basement Remodel, Patricia Flanagan

Patricia Flanagan

Remodeling and Construction - Second Place
Garden Shed, Mike Bentley


Garden Shed by Mike Bentley

Remodeling and Construction - Third Place
DIY Fence, Janet Watkins

First time DIYer Janet Watkins

I wanted a fence for my yard but I didn't have the funds in the budget to have one professionally installed.  So I built this one using salvaged materials.

Cost $0 (totally free)


 Materials Used

old shipping crates

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