The 2013 TRP National Reuse Contest

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2013 Reuse Contest! 

National Reuse Contest

National Reuse Contest - First Place
National Winner - 1st Place

Chris and I renovated most of our house last summer. We used salvaged materials wherever possible and are especially proud of the kitchen remodel. The house was originally built in 1920. Many items were purchased used from Community Forklift.

National Reuse Contest - Second Place
National Winner 2nd Place

All beam and plant-on work in the house was done with salvaged wood from TRP and Cleveland Wrecking Company. I have been a TRP customer since the opening of your L.A. store. I bought a large stained glass window from TRP, which was installed in the main window of the house. One of the exterior walls contains shingles and a pine-and-cedar Viking dragon head purchased at TRP.

National Reuse Contest - Third Place
National Winner - 3rd Place
I built my garden greenhouse with the help of an out-of-work builder, who did the heavy work.
National Reuse Contest - Honorable Mention
National Contest - Honorable Mention

I designed this bouldering wall in an underserved park in Wilmington, Ohio. My goals were to excite people about the place they live, to help them see value where they saw little before, and to increase the cultural wealth of the entire community based on the assets and practices of the residents themselves.

National Reuse Contest - Honorable Mention
National Contest - Honorable Mention

TRP Los Angeles

TRP Los Angeles - First Place
Barry Wiggins - House

Hello  All beam and plant on work is done with salvaged wood from you and cleaveland wrecking.

TRP Los Angeles - Second Place
Jennifer MacDowell - Kitchen
Fall 2012 Redesign of a 1923 kitchen 
Our kitchen was in dire straights yet finding the cabinetry was the pivotal point in our decision 
to renovate our little house. One day when I was out looking for I’m not quite sure a truck pulled 
in to the old Pacoima location. I saw a small portion of an aqua metal cabinet through the door of 
TRP Los Angeles - Third Place
Ray Cirino - Redwood Gate and Shed

Redwood Gate and Shed in Los Angeles
Ray Cirino        9/30/13

TRP Oakland

TRP Oakland - First Place
Mark Hubbard - Tree House
TRP Oakland - Second Place
Peter Olson - Outdoor Shower Complex

This project centers around a 4' X 16' post and beam structure adjacent our wooden hot tub.  It houses a changing area, an outdoor shower, a composting toilet outhouse, and supports two solar hot water collectors.  It includes a deck, fence, and sink.  I used almost entirely salvaged materials, mostly from the ReUse People and Craigslist.

TRP Oakland - Third Place
Gazebo - Serrano


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