2012 Reuse Contest

The 2012 National Reuse Contest was a great success!  

This year, we have winners for each region, and an overal National winner selected from all of the regional entries.   We will be announcing them soon, check back to see all the winners!


- First Place
2012 First Place Winner - Oakland

Tony Jones
Oakland, CA

Our kitchen was small and stopped at the beginning of our side deck. In the remodel the kitchen was extended to the end of the side deck which enabled us to double our space. The roof was added along with the two walls to complete the enclosure of the room.  An island was installed in the middle of the new kitchen, gas and water were added to enable the re-used stove top and re-used sink to work.  A re-used kitchen hood was installed over the re-used stove in the island. 


- First Place
2012 National First Place Winner

Our family built a greenhouse using previously used items.  It started with a large number of windows that we found at our Habitat ReStore.  They were just the right size and shape and in very good condition.  Those windows became the walls of the greenhouse.  Once the project was underway, we found many other useful materials at Restore:  a light-weight sink, glass shelves, wire shelves, a coo

- First Place
2012 First Place Winner - Los Angeles

This regal wine cellar was the serendipitous byproduct of an ongoing remodeling project at our house in Los Angeles. We had originally planned to update an existing covered patio (adding attic space above - see before picture of white-painted arbor attached to house), but current code required so many shear walls that we were left with an odd area that defied definition.

- Second Place
2012 Second Place Winner - Los Angeles

This table was inspired by an episode of Jamie Durie’s “Outdoor Room” on HGTV. It was about a Sedona inspired backyard with lots of red sandstone and desert vegetation. We wanted the table to be integrated into a complete outdoor dining experience. We built a firepit on one side and a small pond with waterfall on the other. The table, water, fire and sandstone all combined perfectly.

- Second Place
2012 Second Place Winner - Oakland

This project is a 186 square foot guest cottage in my backyard in Berkeley, CA. All the lumber, siding, flooring, doors, windows, skylights, appliances, fixtures and solar thermal system are salvaged.

- Second Place
2012 National Second Place Winner

My treehouse was made out of lap siding cedar, french doors, 1941 french windows, and numerous other items purchased from your store. It brings me great pleasure knowing that my investment and purchases have helped others as well as creating a beautiful treehouse in my back yard. I felt somewhat like Noah building the Ark while working on this project.

- Third Place
2012 Third Place Winner - Los Angeles

Rob Rowe
Sylmar, CA

- Third Place
2012 Third Place Winner - Oakland

Renovations on my house could wait. The girls needed a proper coop, a remodel.

The original coop was nothing more than a few sheets of plywood, a shutter for a door, and an old leaded glass church window.         

I wanted something unique and original for my girls, my own design, my own creation, and all this on almost no budget.

- Third Place
2012 National Third Place Winner

Re-Used Materials:

French doors
Island Cabinets
Stove Top
Trash Compactor
Stove Hood
Warming Draw
Sink and Faucet
Kitchen Window
Butcher Block

- Honorable Mention
2012 Fourth Place - Oakland

Chad Ashby

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