National Contest - Honorable Mention

TRP Oakland 1st Place - Mark Hubbard - Tree House
In the spring of 2013 I started a two-room tree house with a loft. The goal was to build a safe play structure for my two grandsons, in a giant fig tree. I used 100 percent salvaged building materials. All truss beams were salvaged old-growth redwood from a burned Oakland home.  After scrubbing with Dawn detergent and power washing, I discovered beautiful clear useable redwood. The entire skirt and the railing are also made of clear redwood, this time salvaged from a large cabinet. The cabinet was probably used for storing an architect's blueprints.
I found reclaimed cedar shingles to use for the roof, roof cap and outside upper loft. A half-roll of roofing felt was given to me by TRP employees. The cupola is made from a discarded copper light. All of the light's glass was missing, so I replaced it with a few extra sidewall shingles. It's beautiful.
The cedar siding you see in the roof and walls is also used. Simple sanding and staining and the wood looked like new. The trim around the upper window is reused redwood crown molding. The solid maple door was cracked, so I cut it down from 7 feet to 4.5 feet, and it works perfectly. All the door and window trim is of reclaimed oak hardwood flooring. All hardware, screws and even the stain, paint and varnish were also salvaged.
Mark Hubbard
Martinez, CA
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