A Pressing Engagement, Christopher Cornett

This bar cart was constructed from an 1800’s veneer press, used by piano makers to create the beautiful veneered wood panels they used (such as curly maple, quarter sawn oak, brazillian cherry.) The beauty of the piece was evident, so we chose to not alter the piece itself, but simply add functional items to serve its new purpose.  It was salvaged in WNY July 2015 and completed in 2016. 

The worn paint has such a beautiful patina, so a simple coat of wax brought out the wood grain and preserved the character of the piece in “as found condition”. 

A salvaged glass top was added to create a level top surface while revealing the beauty below.
Salvaged bronze door push-bars from an abandoned building were added as towel holder/cart handles.
Large salvaged casters (appropriately from a restaurant cart) were added for ease of movement.

Additionally, we created a custom built, welded, hand formed-steel rack that holds:
- 20 wine bottles and 8 wine glasses
- 15 liquor bottles and 18 cocktail glasses. 

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