Peter Olson - Outdoor Shower Complex

Peter Olson - Outdoor Shower Complex

This project centers around a 4' X 16' post and beam structure adjacent our wooden hot tub.  It houses a changing area, an outdoor shower, a composting toilet outhouse, and supports two solar hot water collectors.  It includes a deck, fence, and sink.  I used almost entirely salvaged materials, mostly from the ReUse People and Craigslist.

   A dismantled barn provided structural timbers while boards for siding, doors, and bench came from a blacksmith shop.  An old redwood water tank gave us decking and stair treads.  Working with wood milled over 100 years ago from redwood giants was humbling.

   I mined six glass shower doors of varying textures and dimensions.  Five I integrated, overlapping, into the fence.  The sixth, a narrow panel, I etched with a crescent moon and set into the door of the outhouse.  With 6" glass blocks we made a vertical  line in the wall containing the shower.  A BIG sheet of tempered glass (1/2" x 3' x 10') rescued from a museum dumpster and which we etched worked great in the back wall of our changing area.

    I fashioned the outhouse sink from stone.  The plumbing fixtures are ones found over the years.  (A few extra handles hang next to the shower spigot, just for fun.)  A claw foot tub set into the deck serves as a cold plunge.

   The solar collectors had been taken off a school, and the composting toilet was someone else's never-realized project.

   Working with such wonderful materials has made this project a pleasure.  Thanks ReUse People!

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