The Oakland Warehouse Just Got Bigger!

TRP is expanding again, this time at the home office. In December we opened a second warehouse at our Oakland facility, adding 9,000 square feet to our retail complex. The new building is about 60 feet from the original warehouse, adjacent to our 6,000 square-foot lumber yard.

Why add more rent and personnel costs in recessionary times? Quite simply, we want to increase sales and need more space to do it. TRP prides itself in keeping more materials out of landfills than do most used building-material retailers. This requires that we accept a wide range of inventory, including more mundane items like single-glazed windows and hollow-core flush doors. If we reduced our inventory of lower-value items to make room for more high-value materials, no additional space would be required (at least for now). However, excessive cherry-picking goes against our mission.

TRP's mission is to divert from landfills as many reusable building materials as possible and then challenge ourselves to find markets for those materials. We take this mission quite seriously. Because this year's deconstruction projects produced a bonanza of reusable materials, and because the Oakland warehouse had reached a choking point, we decided to increase both space and staff, which will allow us to:

1. Offer pickup services for donors who cannot bring materials to us.
2. Expand our kitchen-removal program (
3. Improve customer experience in the Oakland store.

The changes should help overall sales as well. In the words of some retailing guru, "Ya can't sell what the customer can't see!" To that end, we are moving all cabinets, plumbing, moldings and trim into the new building. This will leave ample room to expand the door, window and appliance sections and make all inventory items more visible and accessible.

The new building will also showcase kitchen cabinetry and bath fixtures in small groupings. Previously, we attached photographs to cabinet groupings to show their former configuration. While that helped, it seldom revealed the potential beauty of the items. Now we can replicate original groupings in all their glory.

Special Events Reminders

2011 Reuse Contest
Due to the possible expansion of the 2011 Reuse Contest, entry rules and prizes are yet to be announced. That doesn't mean you should sit on your hands. Get started on your project now and check back regularly for more information.

New Inventory


The Oakland warehouse has received a large shipment of pavers -- perfect for spring patio redos.


The Los Angeles (Pacoima) warehouse received nine (9) solid wood, three-panel doors with Schlage hardware, in great condition. These will sell fast!

  New inventory at our partnering warehouses:
The Away Station, Fairfax CA: Moraga Country Club house demo yielded good 12x12x10 Doug fir harvested in 1977, $2.50/linear foot. Plus 4x8x10 redwood, tight, clear-grain, painted, and pretty, $4.00/linear foot. Come see all!
Specials of the Month

At the Oakland warehouse we are featuring windows. Receive 25% off the purchase of any window through January 31.

At the Los Angeles (Pacoima) warehouse we are featuring our extensive inventory of toilets, with many styles to choose from. Receive 50% off the marked price of any toilet through January 31.

Specials at our partnering warehouses:

  • Habitat for Humanity,Orange County:25% off both windows and doors through January 31.
  • The Away Station, Fairfax CA: Prehung glass door with oak threshold and glass side panels, plus matching windows (optional). door, $235.00; windows, $95.00/ea.
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