Kitchen Island, Mark Dooley

Kitchen island project and kitchen remodel project started in July 2016 on our cabin in the mountains.  I have attached two before photos showing the original condition of the kitchen which was built in 1992.  The pantry area was a non load bearing wall that separated the living space from the kitchen area.  The desire was to be able to cook and interact with people in the living space. 

Materials used for the project are reclaimed barn wood that I have collected over the years, rusted steel panels from Pacific recycling in Boise, one cabinet base purchased from Second Chance and one cabinet base salvaged from the dishwasher relocation, live edge wood slab for the bar top that came from a tree on the lake a few miles away, tile purchased from Second Chance and square head nails I found in my father in laws garage a few years ago. The stove was purchased from the Sears Outlet store as a scratch and dent item.

Cabinet bases were framed in with reclaimed barn wood with a rusted steel panel on the sitting side at the top. Used rusted steel for the edges on the counter top and to trim out the edges from the counter and the bar top.  Cabinet doors were constructed out of reclaimed pallet wood as the trim and the panels are rusted steel.  Cabinet drawers used reclaimed wood and rusted steel strip at the top. 

The kitchen counter top and cabinets all utilize the same materials to be consistent with kitchen island. 

It’s been a great project as the materials used bring so much character and rustic feel to a cabin in the mountains.  As the remodel continues I have rusted metal roofing from a local barn to install as a wainscot throughout the kitchen and living space with wood that is milled from a dead tree on the property to be installed from the wainscot to the ceiling.  

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