Kate's Folly - Kate Barfield

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Miguel and I built an 11' by 11' garden room from salvage materials in Maryland. A friend called it my Folly, because the building had no purpose. I had no building experience, but received a lot of advice from friends and professionals.

There was no blueprint. We hoped the design could be guided by whatever salvage materials I managed to locate. We also used simple tools -- all cuts were made with hand-held drills and saws.

The most stunning salvaged items I found were three 8' by 3' redwood windows that grace the front of the Folly with recycled copper gutters below as window boxes. Many re-used windows followed and old glass library cabinets from a Baltimore deconstruction. We also used salvage wrought iron, an ornate heating grate for the cat door and a curved lacework grill from an old gas stove.

The Folly's walls are vintage pine paneling from the 1930’s. Miguel tackled the floor using oak remaining from a construction job. We finished the exterior with salvage cedar shakes. Miguel located the green tin for the overhangs.

Furniture includes an old sewing machine and leftover pink marble from a bathroom re-model. I also found an old gas stove from a warehouse in Cleveland, a sculpture of a bug, made of re-purposed nails and parts; and a second-hand statue of the Chinese Goddess of Compassion.

My Folly is now a happy home for my neighbors, friends and cats. The place that had no purpose is very practical indeed. It is my refuge.

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