Jennifer MacDowell - Kitchen

Jennifer MacDowell - Kitchen
Fall 2012 Redesign of a 1923 kitchen 
Our kitchen was in dire straights yet finding the cabinetry was the pivotal point in our decision 
to renovate our little house. One day when I was out looking for I’m not quite sure a truck pulled 
in to the old Pacoima location. I saw a small portion of an aqua metal cabinet through the door of 
the truck. Without knowing anything more I asked them to put a hold on it and came out the 
following day to inspect my future kitchen. To my surprise and delight it was beautiful and the 
cabinetry was the perfect proportion for my tiny home. What I didn’t know at the time was that this 
was a 1953 Saint Charles Kitchen that had been in a home in BelAir since the 50’s. It was in mint 
condition!!!! This kitchen not only had a beautiful stainless steel top with an integrated double 
sink, the base cabinets were loaded with bells and whistles. Metal pullouts in all base units, 
beautiful veggies bins and cutlery dividers. It was a dream. 
What later became more difficult was fitting these cabinets so they made sense in my home. There 
were no before pictures so I had to guess the layout and of course whatever we came up with didn’t 
work perfectly. So with two additional trips to reuse I scored a wooden corner cabinet with a lazy 
susan and a beautiful GE monogram dishwasher and then things started coming together. 
Once we had all our pieces together we started the demo on our little home the second 
weekend of October 2012 and during this process we came across some paperwork in the walls that had 
the rules of the 10th Olympic Games! Our little house was once a bungalow in the Olympic Village in 
downtown Los Angeles in 1932. I felt like we were giving some dearly needed love to this little 
place of ours with such an impressive history! 
As with all construction projects there were areas that needed more work, ceilings that needed to 
be raised, walls that needed to be brought back into square but all in all I could not be happier 
with the end result. 
All the cabinetry, the island, the dishwasher, the French doors to the screened in porch and the 
wood flooring were purchase from the Reuse People in Pacoima/Glendale. We even purchased a few old 
tracks for our lighting there too. 
We used our existing refrigerator and range and used 4 new beams and 2 x 4’s in the ceiling 
to meet the new building codes.  
As you can see we created a kitchen that is totally unique and feels as if it has been here 
forever. We love you Reuse and so appreciate what it is that you are doing for this planted 
and for our budgets. 
My problem is I don’t have any great shots of the kitchen before on this computer. They 
seem to have vanished so I will send you what I have. 
Much gratitude and appreciation to all of y’all!  Jennifer and Michael MacDowell 
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