Container Home - Sarah Beckstrom

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I have been thinking a lot about sustainability, personal and environmental, and decided to build a house in a 20’
shipping container as a way to energize the possibility of re-building our world (our homes, communities, public spaces,
etc.) in ways that engage creativity, utilize resources available to us, and have less negative impact on the environment
and our pocketbooks. The interior of the house and roof garden were built and crafted using 90% recycled, reused, or
repurposed materials found at local building reuse centers, salvage yards, thrift stores, and Craigslist. Here is a list of
reused materials:
1. 8x20 Shipping Container (that was previously a construction office)
2. Front Porch (salvaged intact)
3. Green Roof Materials
a. Wood Decking and Redwood Lumber
b. EPDM Waterproofing Layer
c. Drainage Mat
d. Bricks and Stones
e. Metal Gutters and Redwood Gutter
4. Water Barrels (2)
5. Solar Water Tank
6. Ladders (2)
7. Sliding Glass Door
8. Windows (4)
9. Bamboo Hardwood Flooring
10. Futon Frames (2 – 1 was repurposed as wall paneling)
11. Corian Countertop
12. Ceramic Tile for kitchen sink backsplash
13. Misc. Salvaged Wood to make:
a. Sink Counter Base and Small Counter Base
b. Bamboo Platform
c. Wall Paneling
d. Window Trim
e. Shelves
f. Kitchen Table and Stools
14. Misc. Hardware
15. Rigid Foam Insulation
16. Light fixtures (2)
17. Electrical – outlets, wiring, etc.
18. Hardwood Flooring
19. Dishware
20. Accent Pillows
21. Hotplate and Confection Oven
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