Abstract Shelving

Abstract Shelving - Daniel Medders

Every bit of the wood used in this abstract shelving concept was reclaimed and pulled out of homes in Houston by myself personally, and consists of a variety of materials. The old growth pine shiplap used to construct much of the shelves came off the side of a home located in the heights. It was going to simply be demoed and the owners contacted us to salvage the timeless material. The panelling is constructed of various materials that range from bits of older furniture that I found, deconstructed, and ripped down specifically for this project to old growth oak flooring that I pulled up personally in a home in West U, Houston. Scrap from our sawmill, Salvaged Wood Sawmill, was utilized strategically in the project to accent and provide a natural aesthetic as well. The client that consigned us to build this was inspired by another artist on the web and we borrowed the concept to custom build the piece to fit the space located in a loft in downtown Houston. We believe in the sanctity of the environments that we custom make our pieces for, and in accordance with this used a natural beeswax to achieve a pleasing matte finish. I hope this piece inspires others to look at the unlimited usable material all around them, appreciate its true value, and see the beautiful art that can be created utilizing it properly. Thanks Very Much!

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