2012 Third Place Winner - Oakland

Chicken Coop

Renovations on my house could wait. The girls needed a proper coop, a remodel.

The original coop was nothing more than a few sheets of plywood, a shutter for a door, and an old leaded glass church window.         

I wanted something unique and original for my girls, my own design, my own creation, and all this on almost no budget.

Why not try?  As a 55-year-old woman who had never built anything in her life, could I? I was about to find out.

I designed and drew up my perfect chicken coop, however I had no clue how to build it. Fortunately, friends came to my rescue. They explained how to construct it and to use recycled materials to keeping my building costs low.

The lumber, wood shingles, siding, trim and windows were all from recycled materials. Even the paint was second hand. I also learned patience, waiting for the right recycled window. Once finding the window, I recycled the shutter door.  

Thanks to the support of my friends, the excellent ReUse Store staff in Oakland and recycled building materials, the girls’ remodeled coop became reality.

Now that the girl’s house is finished, I can begin remodeling my home!                                               

Damian Disterdick
Oakland, CA 94603

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