The 2012 Reuse Contest: Bigger Than Ever!

This year TRP is taking its popular Reuse Contest national. All company and affiliate warehouses throughout the country have been invited to participate. More than a dozen have already said they will. I will announce the names and locations of participating retail outlets in next month's e-letter.

TRP 2011 Contest Winners

This is the fourth year of the contest. The first two years were localized in the Bay Area. Last year we opened the contest to reuse stores throughout California, including many unaffiliated with TRP. Despite considerable encouragement and personal contact, the response was disappointing. So this year, even though we are going national, we're keeping it in the family. Fortunately our growing regional network makes for a pretty good size family.

The Reuse Contest is a lot of fun and gives customers a chance to brag a bit about their remodeling projects. It's also a great way to promote the reuse (and sale) of reclaimed building materials. We've had entries representing classy kitchen updates, home offices, patio sheds and decks, custom windows and doors--even the façade of a pizza restaurant. One can't but be inspired by these enterprising do-it-yourselfers. They, more than anything we could ever buy in the way of advertising, successfully sell the concept of building-material reuse.

Each participating store will sponsor its own local contest, with prizes for first, second and third-place winners. At the Oakland and Pacoima warehouses we award gift certificates for in-store merchandise, but other outlets are free to deviate from that model.

The first-place winner from each store will automatically be entered in the national contest. From that elite pool, an independent jury will select the national first, second and third-place winners. Those super-creative folks will receive additional exciting prizes.

The local contests will wrap up in September. We plan to announce the national winners no later than November 1, 2012.

I will provide more information in upcoming posts. In the meantime, to see photos and descriptions of the 2011 winners, visit the TRP website and be inspired!

New Inventory

The Oakland warehouse has received an abundance of beautiful fixtures from a 5,000 sq-ft home built in the 1920s, including a huge stock of patio bricks. Call for more details.



At the Los Angeles (Pacoima) warehouse, we will be receiving a wealth of gorgeous fixtures from the full deconstruction of a beautiful Laguna Beach home. Call for more information.


New inventory at partnering warehouses:

Reusable Green Works, Hamden CT: 1,700 linear feet of antique spruce lumber from a historic school built in 1888. $5.00 a linear foot, with discount for entire lot.

The ReUse Store, Sacramento CA: Over 200 gallons of paint, primer and faux finishes; large shipment of fluorescent light fixtures; many office desks and tables.

Specials of the Month

At the Oakland warehouse we are featuring our entire inventory of plumbing fixtures. Receive 25% off the price of any toilet, sink or tub in the warehouse through February 29.

The Los Angeles (Pacoima) warehouse is again featuring doors. Receive 50% off the price of any door in the warehouse through February 29. Many styles and sizes to choose from.


February specials at partnering warehouses:

Reusable Green Works, Hamden CT: Hamilton steel lab-cabinets, industry grade and like new! $300.00 each. Call for details.

The ReUse Store, Sacramento CA: 50% off all tables and desks throughout the month of February.



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