2012 National First Place Winner


Our family built a greenhouse using previously used items.  It started with a large number of windows that we found at our Habitat ReStore.  They were just the right size and shape and in very good condition.  Those windows became the walls of the greenhouse.  Once the project was underway, we found many other useful materials at Restore:  a light-weight sink, glass shelves, wire shelves, a cool front door, two louvered windows, brackets & standards for the shelves, hinges for the windows that would open, stain & brushes,  and a very heavy piece of granite for a beautiful plant bench.  We also made a growing table out of a shower pan and wood flooring.  We grew radishes in the shower pan, and when we were done, a wood piece covered the growing area and turned that part into a table.  Additional materials came from Craigslist: old tin ceiling tile for the door panels, the glass block, and the plexiglass that made the roof.  We tried to reuse items wherever we could. 

Neither my husband nor I are architects or engineers, and the design was made with a pencil and several sheets of graph paper.  If you can do sixth grade math, you can build this!  You just need a good tape measure, some power tools, and a sense of humor when things turn out a little different than you had planned.

Malia Hatley
Overland Park, KS 

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