2012 Third Place Winner - Los Angeles

Designer Table

Rob Rowe
Sylmar, CA
This table was a custom order from a designer from Huntington Beach named Ann Serna. One of her clients had owned a table he really liked but had developed some bad cracks. He wanted a replacement as identical as possible. This was a tricky proposition because the original table was made of 3 10”x10” beams laid side by side over a base. Since beams that big aren’t normally used in construction we simulated the effect by finding some 6”x13” beams at TRP and trimming the width then doubling them up and gluing under pressure to create an illusion of 10”x10” beams. We cut the ends at oddball angles to match the client’s picture he provided. We then played around with some stain mixing to match the color and finished with a robust waterbased floor finish. Both the client and designer were thrilled with the result. Thanks again TRP for another successful project done with reclaimed lumber.

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