2012 First Place Winner - Los Angeles

Wine Cellar

This regal wine cellar was the serendipitous byproduct of an ongoing remodeling project at our house in Los Angeles. We had originally planned to update an existing covered patio (adding attic space above - see before picture of white-painted arbor attached to house), but current code required so many shear walls that we were left with an odd area that defied definition. Enter The ReUse People and their wonderful collection of salvaged materials. There we found spectacular doors, leaded windows, hardware, a magnificent chandelier and other pieces that came together to create what has become the most popular room in our house! The salvaged materials add so much character to the room - character that simply would not be possible with new materials.

In the space under the sloped attic access, our visionary contractor (David Vierra of Finesse, Inc.) crafted a wine rack from parts found at the ReUse Store - a grid from a demolished wine rack, a piece of butcher block, and an old arched window frame that we cut down, stripped and refinished to match the doors.

The salvaged pieces give the ambiance of an old-world castle to this new construction. Because of The ReUse People, not only were we able to create and enjoy this new space with materials we could not have otherwise afforded, but we were able to give these materials a second life instead of having them destroyed and sent to a landfill. Everybody wins!

Ali Abler

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