2012 Fourth Place - Oakland


Chad Ashby

I built this garage for my friend’s mom in Berkeley. There was an existing garage there before that had fallen over in the 80s, and still had a VW bug trapped under it. We ripped it out, sold the bug and rebuilt some of the foundation which was rotting away. We removed 7 tons of rocks and dirt and other composting items in the process.  The project took place between May and June 2012.

The building itself was built from almost all reclaimed materials, except for the roofing, tar paper, plywood, paint, hinges and nails. Almost all of the 2x4s were bought from The ReUse People’s Oakland warehouse, so was the rafters, the siding, and the windows, doors, and giant skylight. If I could’ve done the whole thing from used materials I would have!

I think it came out great, but most importantly, so did the owner of the house, hope you all like it too!

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