2011 Third Place Winner

Chicken Coop


I built a chicken coop and run in our backyard in the spring of this year.  I had been toying with the idea for a while when I came across someone discarding materials from an old redwood fence that they were replacing.  I brought the wood home, removed the rotted portions, and re-surfaced it to remove the mildew.  The majority of the materials were reused/recycled - redwood 1x10s for the siding, flooring, and roof sheathing; redwood 4x4s for the base; the deck screws and hinges came from ReStore; the plastic for the windows came from the scrap bin at TAP Plastics; the redwood 2x2s for the run came from the Oakland TRP store.  I plan to eventually build a more substantial roof for the chicken run but I needed something to protect the birds from the elements in the meanwhile so I reused some fiberglass panels I had salvaged from a greenhouse that I got from a neighbor a few years back.  Even most of the tools that I used were previously owned (from friends, family, garage sales, and craigslist).  I only used new materials (2x4s for the framing, roofing shingles, and ½ inch hardware cloth) when I couldn't locate an alternative in the timeframe needed.  The design is all original and I modified it as I went along to best accommodate the materials I could locate.  Our four chickens, Cream, Fred (short for Frederika), Golda, and Dover, have moved in and seem to enjoy their new home.

David Sperman

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