2011 Second Place Winner

The Very Green Garden House

We started out with what was once a green house. The owner wanted to fix it but there was nothing to fix! It was literally falling apart, some of it eaten by termites.

We decided to tear it down and start over from the slab that was in good condition, if not perfectly leveled. The owner wanted a garden house for his kids to play in, as well as a retreat to read or do some work on the computer. He also wanted to use as much salvaged material as possible in the rebuilding.  While the materials for the roof are new, all the studs were purchased second hand. We managed to reuse some of the original v-notched siding but we did not have enough for the whole house and could only find a different type of siding at the ReUse People. We had just enough of the original siding to cover the upper part of the house.

To make a more appealing transition between the two different sidings, I put a decorative molding divider that goes all around the house.  All the windows are second hand and so is the glass door. The kids had their first sleepover in the house and they loved it!

Alexis Biolley
Alameda, CA

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