2011 First Place Winner

Garden Shed

Two years ago we purchased a house with a large back yard in order to build a garden shed and expand our love of organic gardening.  We started in July.  It took one week of vacation plus seven weekends to complete.  My husband, brother, and father-in-law built a 124 square foot shed with “his” and “hers” areas.  One side is a potting/garden area and the other is a tool storage area.     

While it wasn’t built with 100% reused materials, we came pretty close:

  • All windows and doors, the brick tile flooring, cabinetry, the sink, tongue and groove siding (on the inside of the shed), and some wood framing is all from TRP.
  • We made the wood countertop from an old painted ranch fence we removed in our back yard.
  • The paint was left over from our house painting project in 2010.
  • All other items/accessories (butcher block table, pots, galvanized buckets, tools, etc.) we’ve had for years and were able to incorporate into the shed.
  • The roof is a solar-control double-wall poly twin carbonate that can be used for greenhouses. To save money we possibly could have gone with reused windows or sliding glass doors for the roof, but we needed a temperature controlled roof so there wouldn’t be extreme swings in summer or winter for starting garden seeds.      

We spent about $350 on ReUse materials that would have easily cost us $5,000 new.  We’re thrilled with the results and ever so happy the majority of the materials were reused. 

Thank you The ReUse People!!          

Chris & Melanie Warden
Fremont, CA  94536

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