2010 Third Place Winner

Chicken Coop

My boyfriend Chris and I have a 1924 bungalow in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles which we have been fixing up for the past year.  Chris built this chicken coop as a birthday present for me, using only salvaged materials (the majority from the ReUse People in Pacoima!)  The sliding coop door is made from an old window and a sliding closet door track, the lumber is all reclaimed, and the shingles were all individually cut from scrap pieces of Luan.  The paint was also reused from leftover house projects.  The roof is still in progress, and will be a green roof planted with succulents when it is complete.  We built the coop in our narrow side yard, which was previously an awkward, unused space.  The whole project was completed for less than $20.  We are so grateful to have the ReUse People as a resource for quality recycled materials that suit our (very very!) tight budget. 

Our chickens Audrey, Gretchen, May, Antonia and Chipmunk love the coop and are proud of their luxurious, recycled home!
Katie Ryan
Los Angeles, CA
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