2010 Reuse Contest Honorable Mention

Kitchen Remodel

We are very excited to show you the remodeling we have done in our home since last year. We have attached several photos that show some of the material we have bought and used very creatively to our advantage and taste. We love anything that is rustic and thankfully, we have found material that fits our rustic style. We began our remodel with some old rusted French doors that had water damage, as I imagined were used outdoor. We brought them alive by sanding, staining, and shining with coats of polyurethane to give them a new rustic look. They are now completely done and make our living room look bigger. We also changed all of our old single panel windows and replaced them double panel windows. We also, bought some wood flooring that was sanded and stain to give them the same rustic look to match the patio doors. We were lucky enough to found the perfect kitchen for our home. When we bought our house in August 2009, the kitchen was very small because two walls enclosed it and the only entry to the kitchen, was a small door. We completely open our beautiful caramel maple wood kitchen using wood beams also bought from the reuse to have the dining and living room facing the kitchen. To add to enhance and give the extra touch to our kitchen, we added black appliances including (dishwasher, cast iron double sink, six burner DACOR stove top and microwave) all bought from the reuse as well. In addition, beautiful heavy caramel maple doors to match the kitchen replaced the ordinary white bedroom doors. Last but not least, four stunningly beautiful Japanese Shoji doors that fit perfectly replaced our plain closet. The bathrooms are on the way to being done, as a beautiful kallista Jacuzzi tub will be installed in the hallway bathroom. We have yet to finish all our remodeling as we are still working on the house. We are very pleased to submit our entry, as we know our home still has the potential of been the retreat we want for our family and friends. Thank you for this remarkable idea of reusing as we’re helping the environment as well as the middle working class families that cant afford to remodel their homes with brand new products.

Kenia and Alberto Arellano
Los Angeles, CA
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