2010 First Place Winner

Window Dressing for a Water Tank

Congratulations go to Kevin Riley for submitting the winning ReUse Contest 2010 entry.  Here is Kevin's story: 

These stills from our short documentary film project show an amazing transformation of a shipping container we found blighting our neighborhood.  The project "commission" was to build an enclosure for a 1200-gallon water tank exclusively out of reclaimed building materials. 
Our multiple reuse projects ran the gamut from reclaimed lumber for the exterior rain screen to Chinese woks that we transformed into exterior lighting.  Since elevation wasn't going to be an issue based on required water pressure needs, we placed the tank on the first floor and opted to use the second story as an observation deck, complete with a floor covered with tiles made from used leather belts and a "chandelier ceiling" made from old CD's and LED Christmas lights.
The windows we used were mis-ordered triple pane glass units from a job-site in Orinda, CA.  The roof shell was made from a salvaged roll up garage door.  The spiral staircase was a freebie we picked up off of Craigslist  (I say 'free', but we had to spend a day carefully removing it from a fancy home in Marin).
This was such a great exercise in exploring just how much can be accomplished with reclaimed/reused building materials.  We had a blast!
Kevin Riley
Oakland, CA

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