2009 Third Place Winner

Remodeling Projects

I am so excited about entering this contest. Not every project is 100% complete but time is running out and I just have to get my entry in. 

We bought our home 3 years ago knowing that it would need to be a complete remodel. Being on a very tight budget most of our material came from Ebay or Craigslist. One day I came across an add for doors on sale. My Husband and I went down to the Pacomia yard and just were completely amazed at the treasures we found. 
Pic #1 Now a year later we have replaced all our interior doors with beautiful solid panel doors (hardware included). 
Pic #2 For our bedroom door we decided to open up the space by adding french doors. These french doors were originally old wood sliding doors. My husband took off the original frame and installed them as two doors.
Pic #3 I fall in love with all the wonderful old lighting that comes in and can never make up my mind which ones I want so I just buy them all! This light I was not to sure about but the end result is fabulous!
Pic #4 My husband is all about the outdoor lighting so he picked out these lights for the exterior of our home. There are three matching, one as a porch light and one on each side of the garage.
These projects are just a few of many but my favorite so far. We have also bought cabinets for our washroom and garage, windows ( not yet installed) curtains, pictures and even pillows from The Reuse People. I try to make it down the the yard at least once a week. Shannon and Luis are wonderful, so friendly and an extreme help.
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