2008 Second Place Winner

Fine Touches To Home

I have been buying items from the Oakland store since it moved there and the inside and outside of my home is covered with Reuse People items. Here are some of them. I'm sorry I don't have any before pictures but they would just be blank walls.

FRONT WINDOW: The header over the bay window is part of about 20 feet of old walnut headers that I bought at The Reuse People. The front window portion was mitered intact at 15 degrees to fit and a return was extended to the side wall to fit. The same header was cut to fit a single double hung window to the left of the bay. They were cleaned and refinished.
STAIRWAY: The arch was from a home in Atherton. It was narrowed slightly, shortened to fit the wall and feet made to finish it. It was painted whie and gold and  trim other pieces from Clars and eBay applied. The valence on the right was made from a piece bought at The Reuse People as were the newel posts which were cut and used as feet. 
The chandelier is from The Reuse People. The wall behind (not pictured) has a door casing for the Atherton house applied to frame a picture.
FRONT DOOR: Casing from the Atherton house was used again to frame the front door. It was painted white and gold and just needed to be shortened slightly for a perfect fit. Incidently, the casings were signed and dated-1933-by the craftsman who built them. The trim on the right wall is leftover from the walnut used in the front room, painted white and gold with the pieces rearranged slightly. They were originally applied with hide glue-the walnut pieces were pre Civil War-and came right off with a little hot water. The gold trim at the ceiling is part of a pair of 3'x4' picture frames bought at The Reuse People and cut up for moulding. The same trim scheme is used on the longer opposite wall of the stairway.
OVER FIREPLACE: Again, this is more of the door casing from the Atherton house cut to fit above the fireplace and painted white and gold.
There are a lot more Reuse People items all over my home, both inside and out.
Sandra Browda
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