Mezzanine and Table

2008 Honorable Mention

We've been reading your newsletter for a while now and in that way, you are part of the people that got us curious about building waste.  We're a small design and material studio in Brussels, that specialises in reusable industrial waste-materials. We help routing materials, but also make furniture or home decorations.  I'd like to propose two projects for your contest. We probably will not spend the 25$ coupon in your shop (it's a bit too far!).  But if you like the project, we would like to candidate for a spot on your website anyway.

Our first proposition is a mezzanine we made from salvaged steel beams:
Our second proposition is a table we made for an audio-artist
ps: you might like the website that is dedicated to displaying reuse designs.
Maarten Gielen
Rotor vzw
Brussel, Belgium
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