2008 First Place Winner

Cottage in the Woods

While preparing to construct our cottage on five acres in Nevada City, we built the treehouse that you can see in the background of one of the photos.  For the treehouse we used recycled 2x4, 2x6, and 2x8 redwood and Douglas Fir. We planed the ship lap to use for the treehouse siding. All materials were from The Reuse People. 

We began construction of our 12’ x 16’ cottage in 2006, and after laying a concrete footing foundation, we framed the walls using 10’ 2x4s. The floor was constructed of 2x6 tongue and groove planks over 2x8 floor joists. We then framed the roof with 2x6 rafters. For windows, we used vinyl clad sliders and one casement window. The exterior siding was clapboard two-lap, blending with the “old fashioned” architectural style of the cottage.   For the interior paneling, we used tongue and groove straight-grain Douglas Fir 1x4s that came out of an old blacksmith shop. Our exterior double doors with original brass hardware added to the charm of the entry.
We constructed a loft that was approximately 12’ x 12,’ with pull down stairs to economize our space. Our loft serves as a bedroom, within which we have standing headroom due to the height of our walls. We framed in a small bathroom which is also paneled in the lumber from the blacksmith shop, and have created a kitchenette with recycled cabinetry.  We installed a recycled bar sink in the base cabinet.  We currently use Coleman lanterns for lighting, a Coleman stove for cooking, and we purchased and installed a small direct-vent propane wall heater.
All materials were recycled except for new roof sheathing and shingles, and approximately 95+% of the materials were purchased from the Reuse People. Miscellaneous hardware items, as well as the heater, were purchased at retail. The cottage is still a work in progress.
Ken and Nancy Rankin
Project and location: Cottage, Nevada City, Ca
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